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Postnatal support for parents

The Postnatal  Package 

Bringing your baby home after your birth is a joyful experience but can also be a daunting one. Having the support of a postnatal doula can make all the difference, by offering both information and practical help during the newborn stage.

My postnatal packages are specifically designed around the well-being of both you and your baby. From a simple one off visit to work through a list of questions you have, providing recommendations and solutions through to a bundle package of multiple visits over a period of weeks.

To help you discover all the benefits of hiring a postnatal doula, I offer a free initial consultation to talk through my services and answer any questions you may have.

Newborn consultation session (3hrs)

This session is all about helping you through those early days and weeks with your baby. Some of the most common questions new parents have are often around feeding, getting their little one to settle, and, of course, getting some much needed sleep.
My newborn session is specifically designed to address whatever you need support with at the time. 
Having worked with new parents for over a decade I understand that adjusting to life with a new born can feel overwhelming at times and that new parents often grapple with common questions, such as finding the best ways to feed, how to sooth their baby, and, of course, how to get some well-deserved rest.
In this session, we will dive into these common concerns, providing you with not just the information you need but also practical skills, handy tips and strategies to boost your confidence and make those early weeks and months a little easier. 
And theres more! My support doesn't end after this session.  I am here to support you with ongoing telephone assistance, making sure you have guidance and help as you embrace your new normal. 

Welcome home package
(Ongoing postnatal support)

These sessions are designed uniquely around your needs and the needs of the family, offering practical guidance, constant support, and motivating encouragement. We cover all the essentials such as soothing techniques, sleep routines, and your baby's development.
For feeding, I provide breastfeeding support in line with the latest UNICEF guidelines, as well as guidance on formula feeding, following the most up-to-date recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) along with support and guidance if you choose to mix feed or express.
I can join you on those early outings with your baby, whether it's to the baby clinic, a shopping trip, or a leisurely walk.  Using a sling for the first time or supporting you while you get to grips with wresting opening and closing a pram alone. As a doula I also understand the importance for self-care, so I can look after your baby while you catch up on some rest, enjoy a relaxing bath, or simply take some time for yourself.
And that's not all – I can help you around the home with light household duties such as preparing lunch/dinner, loading/unloading the dishwasher/washing machine, running errands and household admin.
My commitment to your journey doesn't stop there. I offer ongoing telephone support to help you build confidence and parenting skills as you navigate the highs and lows of parenthood.

“Siobhan’s support in those early weeks was invaluable as my husband had to return to work sooner than expected. She was supportive without being overbearing. I felt more confident in my new role as a mummy after only a few visits, I do believe that is down to Siobhan’s guidance”.

Nicola, Barnet – Mill Hill NW7.

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