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Night nanny

Overnight Support

Those first weeks following the birth of your baby can be all consuming. You can feel both physically and mentally tired, which is a perfectly normal and a natural thing to happen.

Overnight support can help you get some much needed extra sleep, aiding in your postnatal recovery. You can rest safely in the knowledge that your baby is receiving the best possible care, making you feel more energised and ready for the day ahead.  Whether you are breastfeeding, expressing or formula feeding your baby my overnight support can benefit you during your recovery period.

  • 8 hours of overnight support

  • Time to spend answering all your questions around care of a new born

  • Care for your baby while you sleep

  • Feed baby

  • Comfort baby

  • Bring baby to you if breastfeeding and stay with you to offer support

  • Look at baby’s nightly pattern and offer suggestions.

  • Provide a full report of your baby’s activity the following morning

Please ​email me   for my price list and availability.

"We found Siobhan through a recommendation and what an incredible experience it was. We are first time parents and naturally were very anxious and Siobhan was available from the first night we came back from hospital. She offered priceless advise and reassured us at every step we went through. On top of all this, it was amazing to have three full night sleeps during the week, knowing that our baby was in safe hands. We will be recommending Siobhan to everyone we know."

Petra, St Albans AL1

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