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Pregnancy birth

 Birth Doula Package 

Hiring a birth doula can give you the kind of support that will build your confidence, clarify your choices and make for a more positive overall experience. To find out how hiring a doula will benefit you and your family, I offer a free initial no obligation consultation to talk through my packages and answer any questions you may have.

    Standard Package

  • Guidance in navigating the maternity system.

  • 2 x 2 hour private one to one antenatal sessions, taking place in the comfort of your own home on a day and time that suits you covering all aspects of labour, birth & beyond and if applicable, time to reflect on previous pregnancies/births.

  • An information pack containing everything covered during the sessions plus useful contact details and reference sites.

  • A personalised birth preference document detailing all your wishes.

  • Full use of my collection of books relating to pregnancy and birth.

  • I will be on call for the birth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from 10 days prior to your due date until week 42.

  • Continuity of care throughout your labour and birth.

  • Full use of Aromatherapy oils & Homoeopathy remedies if you wish to use them.

  • Guidance with the first feed and what to expect in the following hours and days.

  • 1 x 2 hour postnatal visit usually with in 10 days of the birth, taking time to reflect on your experience and giving you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your recovery or general questions around the baby's needs and what to expect in those early weeks.

  • Advise and support available via phone, WhatsApp or email from time of booking until 6 weeks post birth.

  • Additional visits can be arranged if required.

Premium Package 


This premium package not only provides everything from the standard package it also provides an array of features designed to provide expectant parents with an immersive and well-rounded antenatal and postnatal educational experience incorporating the practices of hypnobirthing.

The premium package integrates mindfulness tools and techniques, equipping parents with valuable resources to navigate the journey of pregnancy, childbirth & parenthood. Complementing these educational components is access to a huge online resource library, which further enriches the learning experience, offering a wealth of information, articles, and multimedia materials from leading experts to enhance your knowledge and provide support throughout.

Everything included in the standard package PLUS


  • A 2 hour in person Hypnobirthing session exploring the mind & body connection. Looking at what we can and can not control and how to use tools and techniques to navigate birth.

  • The Mindful Birth workbook & pack of affirmation cards.

  • Access to weekly online pregnancy yoga sessions.

  • Monthly online relaxation sessions.

  • Ask the midwife sessions led by NHS midwives.

  • Access to The Mindful Birth pregnancy & parenting online community hub.

  • Access to an online resource library.

  • 1 x zoom session in or around your due date to talk through practicalities and logistics.

  • 1 x zoom session postnatally covering the general care of your newborn.

  • Online parent & baby yoga sessions.

  • Access to educational videos from specialists in feeding, first aid, sling wearing, weaning and many more.

Please ​email me for my price list and availability.

Siobhan’s extensive knowledge was always so reassuring; when ever I had a worry during the pregnancy or after the birth she was able to explain and reassure me with her knowledge of the physiology of pregnancy, birthing & breastfeeding. Totally reliable, supportive and positive. I would recommend Siobhan to everyone having a baby.”

Willow & Mark, Hampstead, North London NW3.

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