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The Newborn Scrunch

There's nothing quite like the sight of a newborn baby, nestled into a perfect little fetal curl, recreating the cozy haven they spent the past nine months inhabiting. But why do newborns love being curled up so much?

From Womb to World

For starters, it's familiar.

For 40-ish long weeks, a baby's entire world has been the snug darkness of the womb. They were surrounded by warmth, gentle pressure, and the rhythmic sounds of their mother's heartbeat. The fetal position replicates this comforting environment, providing a sense of security and peace in the overwhelming vastness of the outside world.

Newborns have limited ways to communicate their needs and regulate their emotions. Curling up is a natural self-soothing mechanism. The pressure on their bodies acts like a calming hug, reducing stress and anxiety.

Developmental Benefits

Believe it or not, that curled-up posture isn't just about comfort. It's actually crucial for healthy development. The flexion of the arms and legs strengthens muscles and promotes bone alignment. It also helps to develop the vestibular system, which is responsible for balance and coordination.

Embrace the scrunch

As parents, we can support our newborns' love for curling up by providing slings, and carriers that mimic the womb-like environment. Gentle swaying and rocking can also be soothing, reminding them of the rhythmic movements they experienced pre-birth. If you wish to swaddle your baby when they sleep consider opting for one that supports your baby’s natural lie as apposed to those which restrict movement of limbs.

Remember, the curled-up phase is temporary. As babies gain strength and control over their bodies, they'll naturally start to uncurl and explore the world around them. But in the early weeks, let them revel in the comfort and security of their cozy little limbo.

Bonus Tip

Remember, every little quirk and habit is a part of their incredible journey into the world and their ongoing development. So, embrace the scrunch, enjoy the snuggles, and watch in wonder as your little one unfolds before your eyes as the weeks progress.

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