“My partner and I booked Siobhan Smith around the 36th week of my pregnancy as I was starting to worry about the birth and felt I needed extra encouragement.

Right from the initial meeting we knew that Siobhan was the one for us, she was knowledgeable but with a gentle demeanor that felt right.

All in all she put our minds at rest from the minute we met her, through a labour which could have been very stressful but which I have only looked back on with joy from day one. We would recommend Siobhan without hesitation, choosing her was one of the best decisions we could have made.”

Kelly, Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP6


“I didn’t really understand or see the need for a Doula, I felt I would be pushed out but my wife was very keen so I went along with it, after all she was the one giving birth not me. Now I can’t understand why you wouldn’t have a Doula. We had meet Siobhan a few times before the birth for antenatal sessions which where such a great insight to the whole birth process, these could be arranged around my busy work schedule which was a bonus, taking place in the comfort of our home gave it a really relaxed feel. By the time the labour started it felt like we knew Siobhan well enough to feel comfortable and at ease with her. She kept my wife and I calm all throughout the labour, I know we would have arrived at the hospital far to early if I was left to solely support my wife, she helped us understand any medical terms that where being used and enabling me to grab 5 mins fresh air when I needed it, she even had loose change for the car park and remembered to grab the camera and chargers. It was great to be able to share the responsibility of caring for my wife with someone I had grown to know and trust. I am sure we would not have had such a positive experience without Siobhan’s support. We are now expecting our second baby and I was the one who called Siobhan to book her!”

Joseph, Belsize Park, North London NW3


“Siobhan was warm and came across really passionate and enthusiastic about what she does. She was very accommodating with the fact that my partner was still based in Paris and hadn’t yet moved to London. She went through all aspects of labour with me and helped me put together my birthing preference. She also arranged a separate meeting with my partner when he arrived in London a few days later. I would highly recommend Siobhan and will definitely be booking her way in advance for my next pregnancy. Siobhan had given me enough knowledge to make decisions and choices which in turn made me feel empowered and in control at all times.”

Nnandi & Jean-Jacqui, Highgate, North London N6


“Asking Siobhan to be our doula was one of the best decisions we made. Her considerable knowledge, positive and open attitude and calm demeanor really helped us as we prepared for the birth of our first child. We went into the process with a fairly limited understanding and narrow view of what we wanted, and ended up with a much more open approach. The home visits were really useful as well as convenient, and enabled us to better understand the birthing process and the possibilities available to us. During the birth itself, Siobhan’s support was invaluable – she helped us through labour and to think through some critical decisions. Although our birth did not go exactly to plan, we did feel like we made the best decisions possible given the circumstances, and Siobhan’s input and participation was critical to this. Her support in breastfeeding was also unbelievably helpful, and thanks to her guidance I was able to make some simple corrections that has made breastfeeding a success. We are now strong believers in the benefits of having a doula, and are so glad Siobhan was ours.”

Amy and Mike – Uxbridge Middlesex UB10


“The one to one antenatal classes in the privacy of our home were very beneficial, we where able to ask lots of questions and the detailed written information Siobhan provided enabled us to quietly read and reflect on the myriad of choices and options available.

Siobhan stayed with me throughout the whole of my labour and birth. She gave constant support and helped me through each contraction, she was also a great support to my husband Darren, reassuring him at each stage. Siobhan visited us a few times at home after the birth, she helped me with breastfeeding and answered all of our questions regarding baby’s temperature, feedings times, bathing, nappy rash etc. Without doubt Siobhan will be booked way in advance for our next baby.”

Tanya & Darren, Croxley, Hertfordshire WD3


“Siobhan’s extensive knowledge was always so reassuring; when ever I had a worry during the pregnancy or after the birth she was able to explain and reassure me with her knowledge of the physionomy of pregnancy, birthing & breastfeeding.

Totally reliable, supportive and positive. I would recommend Siobhan to everyone having a baby.”

Willow & Mark, Hampstead, North London NW3


“Having Siobhan there for the birth was the best decision we made, she comforted me without being overbearing, I strongly believe that having Siobhan there helped me to relax and thus contributed to a drug free quick labour. In short, I couldn’t recommend Siobhan highly enough. My husband and I have already decided that when we have our second baby, we will definitely be booking Siobhan again.”

Shruti & Hiren, Stanmore, Middlesex HA7


“Siobhan Smith was my doula and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I had a very positive and natural birthing experience and Siobhan played an extremely large part in the process. From the moment I met Siobhan I was won over, she was calm, confident and informative. Even my husband, who was skeptical about having someone else at the birth was on board once he had met her.

On the day of the birth, her relaxed approach and support meant she gave us expert advice without being intrusive. I had complete trust in Siobhan, she gave me a sense of reassurance and confidence. I truly believe I wouldn’t have had such a natural experience had she not have been there.

The advice and support didn’t just end after the birth, Siobhan was there both in person and on the phone to help once we had bought our baby home. I would 100% ask Siobhan to be my doula again!”

Tina, Northwood Hertfordshire HA5


“With both of our parents living overseas we were a little worried going into the birth of our first child. We decided that a doula would be ideal for us to give us that support we needed to get through the birth. The Antenatal classes were extremely informative and Siobhan’s knowledge was extensive. Despite our baby arriving two weeks early Siobhan was there for us from the word go and guided us through the entire birth. A lot of new parents will tell you breastfeeding is often difficult and the support provided in those first few hours is very limited. Siobhan’s knowledge and guidance through the early stages of breastfeeding was invaluable, we found ourselves passing on the knowledge and experience we gained from Siobhan to our NCT group parents as they were all struggling in those early stages.”

Hayley & Fergus,   Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP3


“Siobhan was our Doula during the birth of second child. My first labour had ended up being highly medicated, This experience had shaken my confidence in my bodies ability to labour naturally. Siobhan restored that confidence, she worked with me and my husband prior to the birth to ensure that we were as relaxed and prepared as we could be. Siobhan is a friendly, professional and calm Doula. I would highly recommend Siobhan and will use her again for any further pregnancies.”

Hanna & Paddy St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1.

More testimonials are available on request.


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