Support in the early days of breastfeeding can be crucial to successful, sustained feeding.

Drawing on my experience and training as a breastfeeding support peer at The Royal Free hospital & Watford General, I can offer guidance and support in the early days of feeding.

These 2 hour sessions are flexible around baby’s feed times. During the session we can discuss any concerns or questions you have and also have an opportunity to see how baby is feeding, enabling you to work on position or attachment issues. Telephone support following the session is also available.

Please email me for price list and availability.



  “Siobhan’s support in breastfeeding was unbelievably helpful, and thanks to her guidance I was able to make some simple corrections that has made breastfeeding a success.”

Amy & Mike – Uxbridge


“Being able to arrange Siobhan’s visits around our baby’s feeds was fantastic, having that reassurance and guidance gave me confidence”.

Hanna, Harpenden- Hertfordshire


“Although I had breastfed my first child there where a lot of things I had forgotten second time around and also some really useful tips I had never known at all, I am so glad I had Siobhan’s guidance”.

Anna & Pete North West London.

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